Fitting skirting board over skirting board

The fitting of skirting boards has become quite common now-a-days, and people have started wondering how they can make the best use of the skirting boards. While, a single-layered skirting board is enough to add a touch of opulence to your house; you can never go wrong with a double-layered skirting board.

Alternatively known as skirting board covers, it makes an excellent replacement for the regular skirting boards. If you already have skirting boards installed to your house, and you want to add variety without removing the previous fixtures, you can consider the installation of new skirting boards over the previous set up. Let’s have a look at how to fit skirting board over another skirting board for maximum effect.

Step-1: marking out cut-out points

The first step in skirting board covers requires you to mark the cutout points on the boards. It would help you create a template and dimensions of the previously installed boards. You should consider using a ruler or Set Square for lining up a marking out cut point on the skirting board.

Step-2: Cutting to shape

Once you have familiarized of which direction to follow, take a hand saw and gently cut over the marked sections. It would help you acquire a rectangular shaped space, which could be positioned on the previously installed skirting boards.

Step-3: Decide the profile

It is important for you to cover the skirting boards to ensure that the profile of the skirting boards stay in one place. You should consider pinning the board through the new profile of the skirting board to fit the boards.

Step-4: Prep for the scribing

Following the first step, you would be required to point out the positioning of the original skirting board under the overlapping skirting board. However, you should be able to scribe the skirting boards accurately. You can then use a mitre saw to cut the skirting board at a particular 45° angle.

Step-5: Secure the skirting boards

Once you have installed the skirting board, you might want to use an adhesive to ensure the proper connection of the skirting boards .